Thursday, October 29, 2009

Why Don't They Just Let You Do It?

Okay so I was just smoking a cigarette a couple of minutes ago and I was thinking about parents. Why don't they let us smoke marijuana. If you ask your parents for reasons of why you shouldnt smoke marijuana they will always tell you the same. "It's Illegal" "It's bad for you" "Damages your brain" "You can get arrested" "Marijuana is highly addictive" "You are going to start doing bad in school."

Its always the same, but guess what? I got you an answer for all of those commentaries that your parents would make. Let's start from the beginning:

"It's illegal": There are hundreds of illegal stuff that people do, even making an U turn where you are not supposed to is considered as something illegal. Ask them to think if they never did something illegal in their whole life. Ask him if they never lied to that cop when he was about to get a ticket. Ask them if they dint keep those 20 dollars they found on the street that day. I know I'm just saying really stupid and simple excuses here but the point is that even the simplest things can be illegal. Just because something it's illegal doesn't mean that you can't have fun using it or doing it. All you have to do is be careful and don't show it too much.

"It's bad for you": How do they know that? Obviously there's gotta be something good about it that they have legalized it in so many states and countries. Come on parents, weed is just a herb created by God. Smoking Pot can actually be really helpful during those though times. Parents keep talking about their problems and bills, not knowing how relaxing this can be and what a good exercise it is to relax your mind.

"Damages your brain": This is one of the most common and famous ones, which is no more than a big lie that now everybody believes. It only temporarily "freezes" your brain cells, meaning they are frozen in a state of slow processing until they recover from the high in which case they return to 100% normal.

"You can get arrested" Most of the people that get arrested for smoking pot are trying to hide it from other people. If your parents don't want you to get arrested the only thing they have to is to let you quietly smoke in your house. The cops are not going to come and check your house to see if your son is smoking. Come on just let him have some fun! He's not trying to kill anybody, he's just smoking some herb.

"Marijuana is highly addictive" Oh my God, what else are they going to say now? that it gets you blind? No Marijuana is not addictive at all. Most people who smoke marijuana smoke it only occasionally. A small minority of Americans - less than 1 percent - smoke marijuana on a daily basis. An even smaller minority develop a dependence on marijuana. Some people who smoke marijuana heavily and frequently stop without difficulty. Others seek help from drug treatment professionals. Marijuana does not cause physical dependence. If people experience withdrawal symptoms at all, they are remarkably mild.

"You are going to start doing bad in school" That one is all up to you. If you think that getting high before physics exam is going to help you, then no my friend. Do not ever smoke marijuana before a test unless is some art class or anything that you need a more open mind. But it is a really bad idea to smoke before school. I know it could be fun sometimes but the bad thing about it is that the next day you are probably going to remember nothing about yesterday.

Guys I have a lot more of advices but dont have time to keep writing right now. If your dad says something different than the excuse I explained here, just hit me up and I promise Ill get some pros for you.

That was it for today Folks, Have a good high and hope to see around here again.

Your Stoner Friend,


Let's Smoke Inside the House

Okay, so lets say that you all love smoking but dont want your parents to find out. Damn that really sucks because you couldn't smoke in the peaceful of your house. Guess what? that's not an excuse anymore. There are hundreds of things that people do so they can smoke in their room.

I thought that I had to tell you some tips about this. Why not start from the beginning?

A. What are using to roll that bud? Blunts smell more than joints, which smell more than bongs and pipes, which smell more than one-hitters, which smell more than eating it. Of course, if you're going to eat it, you have to bake it, and that smells too. One-hitters are the best, since practically all the smoke is drawn through the pipe and into the lungs. Blunts, since they typically use the most weed, and also because they use tobacco paper, tend to produce the most smell. Schwag tends to produce a more acrid smoke that non-smokers associate more with weed, while nugget can run the gamut from stinky as hell to smelling like roses.

B. Sealing your room: There are basicaly two ways of doing this; the towel and the tape. A towel under a door is usually effective, but if not rolled correctly, it is very visible under the door, and suspicious. Also, your towel is on the floor, getting dirty. Taping the edges of the door will completely seal off the room, but it is time consuming to apply, time consuming to remove, and very suspicious. There is no good reason to seal off your door with tape other than to keep smell out of the hallway. Also, to get in or out will require muscle strength and a tolerance to ripping sounds.

C. What to do with all that smoke: The first and most obvious method is to have an open window and a fan. This method is generally low risk, as fans are something almost anyone could have, and unless you're on the first floor, it's hard to pinpoint the source of a smell or to see someone blowing their hit through the fan. Another idea is to make a spoof, also called a blow-buddy. This is basically a carboard toilet paper tube with wadded up dryer sheets inside, and another dryer sheet secured over the top. Smoke blown through the open end of the tube exits smelling like weed-scented dryer sheets, and it will generally be enough to cover the smell. Old dryer sheets can let more smell through, so be sure and change them. A similar, though less effective, method is to spray the inside of a tube with cologne or body spray and blow through it. Also, you can blow your hit into a relatively thick bit of cloth, like a pillow or matress. This will leave a large brown stain though, so it is not recommended. Also, the longer you can hold the smoke in your lungs, the less smoke and smell is let out into the room. This is known as zeroing, and it is hard for an inexperienced smoker, but usually becomes easier as people get used to holding the smoke in to get higher.

D. Spray and Pray: Keep a smell spray on hand to spray during or after the smoke session. The stronger the better. Especially recommended are Febreeze Air Effects, Glade Spray, Axe, and Old Spice Red Zone. I personally use the Red Zone. I find that it completely kills the smell. Cologne works, but generally it is expensive and doesn't cover the smell very well.

E. Other Smokes: Most, if not all universities have policies against having lit incense, scent release candles, or cigarettes in the room. Nevertheless, it is generally more forgiveable than marijuana. Especially if you are already a cigarette smoker, you can make the excuse that you just smoke so many cigarettes that you and all your belongings stink to high heaven.

F. Smoke In Your Bathroom: Smoke while you have the hot water running. I do this all the time. Honestly my bathroom is like my smoking spot. I can smoke five blunts a day in my bathroom and nobody will find out, just dont forget to put something at the bottom of the door so the smeel wont come out trough there.

Iight guys I think that was enough for today. Stay up to date with this website because Ill be upgrading with fantastic information almost everyday. Leave comments with any ideas you migght have as well so I can add them to my next article.

If you want me to write about something in particular just let me know and you'll find an article on that in that same week.

Have a nice day guys, Remember that weed is still illegal so dont hold that shit till tomorrow just smoke it so you stay out of trouble :-}

"When I was a kid I inhaled frequently. That was the point." - Barack Obama

Your Friend,


Lets Share Some Good Ideas

Hey Folks this is me Lazyman writing to you. I've been a pothead basically all my life, I know how good it is and cant wait for it to become legal. The purpose of this blog is to share ideas with you guys on how to keep your high to the top.

Im gonna start giving some tips that I hope you enjoy!

1. Try not to eat before smoking, if you smoke with an empty stomach this is going to give you a better high.

2.Try to be somewhere where you dont hear a lot sirens or see a lot of cops. This can get you paranoid and It'll bring your high really really down.

3. Listen to music. This is an extraordinary experience, try listening to some music you really like. If possible some songs that you knwo the lyrics. I love listening to Pink Floyd because I feel that this is the type of music that boost my high to the highest level. Bob Marley is also a really good singer. Some people dont know how much they like his music until they listen to it while high.

4.Smoke a Black. The best thing you can do after smoking that blunt is to smoke a Balck n Mild. You can find those at any store near your house. If you dont have a Black a cigarrete can help you too, but not as much as ther black.

5. Cough after you hit. if you can cough after every hit you will get an amazing high. This is because coughing get less oxygen to your head and more THC trhough the body.

6. Drink orange juice. Did you guys know how vitamin C can boost your srhooms high? Well orange juice does the same for weed, but not as intence like when you do srhooms.

7. Eat a Mago. Im not sure why but if you eat a mango half and hour or 45 minutes prior to smoking your high will be more intense and you will feel it for longer. I know is not that easy to find a mango but its worth it.

8.Vaporizer. Try this amazing toy, a vaporizer theoretically will get you higher as you will absorb more THC. The only issue is that you will not absorb as much of the other compounds creating a different feeling high.

9.Try hot boxing that Bud. Have you guys heard of hot box? I hope yes and that you hopefully tried this before. Hot boxing is when you smoke somewhere where the smoke stays there and cant go anywhere else but to your lungs. I like doing this in my car. Just leave the windows up and spark that blunt. Just remember that it is not save to drive while you are high, specially if you are hot boxing.

10. Squating Position. Take a hit in a squating position and right when your finished stand up real quick tip your head back and hold your breath for 20 to 30 seconds
it well mess you up right when you blow out you'll feel it

Okay guys there you got some tips, I have a lot more that Ill be publishing here every certain time. Please send me any tips or ideas you have tried before. Let's not be selfish, let's let every stoner enjoy their high as we do.

If you any questions about marijuana, cocaine, shrooms or ecstasy this is the site to ask. Just leave me a comment and Ill get back to you with your answer as soon as I can.

I hope this information was helpful and wish you the best high for your next time.

Your Friend,